Credit Repair Leads

Our credit repair leads are available for live transfer, real-time email delivery, or they can be cherry-picked from our database. These are consumers who want help to enhance their credit scores.


Our exclusive leads are utilized by firms and experts around the globe as a means of talking with potential customers who indicate that they’re interested in credit repair services. This assists organizations to attain a more efficient closing rate and maintain high ROIs.

Why Choose Us?

Many companies that provide these options offer different plans. It’s up to the sales representatives to provide accurate information and legitimate service while working with potential customers. This keeps the client happy and establishes a strong reputation for the organization.


A lot of businesses are facing significant struggles. Many believe that these struggles are due to a poor, overcrowded economy, however, agents are not as productive as before because they believe that they have hit a wall. As such, they feel that they are running out of clients to sell their services to.


Because of the pressure they face, agents might not be performing correctly, as they might be looking in the wrong places for the wrong leads, or they may not be looking hard enough.


Many agents are still using old cold-calling techniques that no longer work. They target the wrong group of people and expect to make a sale. These agents end up overworking the same leads, therefore making no sales.


Lead generation is a game of numbers and the goal is to find high-quality leads in the right demographic so that they can be converted into sales. Simply put, if there are no good leads, there are no sales.


We have seen companies that plateaued in growth or even lost money after a while because all their leads have been exhausted. They spend all of their money on new lead generation methods that are either not guaranteed or do not work.

Pay Per Lead

We offer pay-per-lead options to our clients who are looking for leads via email.

Pay Per Call

We charge for calls that have successfully live transferred to your sales team.

Pay Per Acquisition

Our pay-per-acquisition pricing depends on your specific requirements.

How are the leads obtained?

We publish pay-per-click and social media ads that catch the attention of consumers who are in need of credit repair services and we direct them to our websites.


If the user signifies that they possess poor or fair credit, our questionnaire asks, “Do you need help enhancing your credit rating?” If the reply is affirmative, this creates a lead.

Credit Repair Live Transfer Leads

We make outbound phone calls to prospects that have requested help building up their credit score. We contact them via live operator, verify their interest, qualify them, and send them to you for closure. 


There are various kinds of leads for sale. All of our leads are 100% exclusive and in real-time, and we never resell our leads to other buyers. Our credit repair leads help to achieve an increased probability of closing a sale, which is the result of no competition.

How Does Credit Repair Lead Generation Work?

Outsourcing leads is a simple but effective method; Lead Buyer Hub utilizes different methods that have the sole purpose of generating leads. We have trained telemarketers that use their skills to find the right demographic, which helps generate the right leads.


We have fully-equipped call centers with full-time callers that will continuously generate leads for your company using different databases and strategies, proving to your agents that not all leads have been exhausted. 


Our centers will call people from different zones to spread the word on behalf of your company. They will set appointments with as many potential customers as possible, so the salesperson working for Lead Buyer Hub can land a sale and boost the company’s performance and profits.

    Get in Touch With Us And We’ll Help Your Business!

    We provide the highest quality real time leads via API and inbound calls on the market. Let us know which ones you need, how many your team can handle, and will be sure to deliver top quality leads for your needs. We are also able to tailor our flow to meet specific requirements. Just ask. 

    Leads Delivery Options!

    Real Time Email Delivery

    Real Time Email Delivery

    Our state of the art technology allows our company to send over leads as soon as they are generated on our websites. All of our leads are tested for quality before our clients receive them. Deliveries of leads are conducted via email at your desired email address.

    Live Transfer Leads

    Live Transfer Leads

    We are the best in the industry when it comes to the transfer of live leads. We use state of the art technology which helps our company deliver a high number of inbound calls to your phone in real-time.

    Crm Post

    Crm Post

    Our Customer Relationship Management capabilities allow our clients to maintain and organize their leads and customers so that each lead is segmented based on their needs and the approach that has to be taken in order to secure them as a loyal customer.