How Important are life insurance leads?

A business’s success relies on customers returning and bringing in more customers with them. For most businesses, the customer is the one that will be approaching you, but with today’s changes and the saturated insurance market, you’re the one that has to hunt down the customer and convince them that your company is the right choice.


so, should you outsource finding leads? In today’s markets there are hundreds or even thousands of agents in the saturated market of insurance, and of course any agent wants to be on the top but how exactly do you track down the right customer? It is hard for you to track down the customer, it doesn’t matter if you are perfect at what you do or if you can explain your product with great convincing personality and capability.


Unfortunately, you will still need leads to be able to compete in the crowded market and stand out amongst your colleagues. You have to find the customer before other agents do if you want to maintain a long, successful career in this business.

How does outsourcing leads work?

Companies spend thousands to establish a call center where they can bring in salespeople that spend half their days calling people that will likely never be customers, therefore wasting time and not getting as many leads as intended.


Not to mention, there’s the worry about hiring the right people, paying their salaries, providing insurance, renting office space, and all the miscellaneous costs of recruitment.


Because of this, companies have started outsourcing their work to call centers that are ready and qualified to provide leads. This way, insurance companies can focus on providing their product to potential clients instead of spending thousands trying to acquire leads.

Why outsource?

Producing leads for insurance agents is a hard process that is not always productive and may end up wasting time. Not to mention, converting leads into sales is an even harder process. Insurance companies are increasing their profits every day by getting more productive and qualified salespeople, but getting leads is always the number one issue for these companies. Thus, a lot of insurance companies are turning to outsourcing services to gain more leads to grow their companies.


Instead of searching for leads with Google and Yahoo, we will provide them using our broad expertise in the industry to find the right potential customers.

Outsourcing has a ton of benefits:

  • Outsourcing is cost-effective- We already have a dedicated, fully-equipped call center.
  • Outsourcing saves time- Your salespeople will be free to work on tasks that do not involve finding leads.
  • Outsourcing is data-driven- We prepare all data and presentations so that salespeople can focus on closing deals and expanding the company.
  • We do the lead generation work for you!

All that’s left is for you to take action!

When a company outsources, the call center will be ready to do as you please. If you want employees to read from a script, they will. If you want to receive reports and statistics regarding how everything is functioning, you will have them in the time period specified.


Many companies have already hired appointment setters overseas and notice a trend of success, but it’s important to remember that patience is everything. With time, you are going to notice a vast increase in profits.


Life insurance is a sensitive subject. The leads we provide are not only those that will net great revenue, but they will also give you the satisfaction of selling to people who truly need insurance.


Our leads are exclusive! You will be the only one getting them, as we do not recycle leads.


Outsourcing is a new strategy that is used by many companies to save money, time, and allow greater focus on other aspects of work. If you hire the right professional, qualified individuals, you will not be disappointed.

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    We provide the highest quality real time leads via API and inbound calls on the market. Let us know which ones you need, how many your team can handle, and will be sure to deliver top quality leads for your needs. We are also able to tailor our flow to meet specific requirements. Just ask. 

    Leads Delivery Options!

    Real Time Email Delivery

    Real Time Email Delivery

    Our state of the art technology allows our company to send over leads as soon as they are generated on our websites. All of our leads are tested for quality before our clients receive them. Deliveries of leads are conducted via email at your desired email address.

    Live Transfer Leads

    Live Transfer Leads

    We are the best in the industry when it comes to the transfer of live leads. We use state of the art technology which helps our company deliver a high number of inbound calls to your phone in real-time.

    Crm Post

    Crm Post

    Our Customer Relationship Management capabilities allow our clients to maintain and organize their leads and customers so that each lead is segmented based on their needs and the approach that has to be taken in order to secure them as a loyal customer.